Deadline For Art Giveaway Draws Near

Moorehawke Giveaway artwork

The Orbit Moorehawke Limited edition Art give away is drawing to a close, but you still have until November 30th if you would like to be in with a chance of wining a signed copy of ‘’Desecrate’.

There are only ten of these prints in the world. Each is A3 sized, printed on raw cream canvas, and signed by the artist (yours truly) If you’d like to be in with a chance to win one of the six available for this draw, just e-mail Orbit at and tell them your name and address. Write ‘Moorehawke Art’ in the subject line.

Winners will be announced sometime in December.

Actually, two of the ten prints have already been given away. Anyone who reads my blog will know the names of these two particularly awesome kids. Hayden and Laura are possibly my youngest readers and two young people I’ve become very fond of in the years since The Poison Throne was first released. I couldn’t let the last launch party go by without finally meeting both of them in the flesh (I’d only ever known Laura through her e-mails) It was great fun to introduce them to each other. I sprung a wee surprise on them too, and presented them with the first two prints of ‘Desecrate’. I look chuffed here don’t I? That’s because I am – it was such a thrill to get to meet these guys.


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