In which Christmas comes early…

I heart Kate Beaton

Behold, I done treated myself to a print of my favourite of Kate Beaton’s cartoons: Wells and Verne. This is me being tremendously happy and planning a trip to the nearest shop-that-sells-frames-of-a-price-I-can-afford.

I love this strip. It was inspired when Kate ‘read a rant by Verne about how Wells was full of it for making up spaceships etc without explicitly showing how they functioned and powering them with steam or coal or what have you, things that made sense in 1899’. it reminds me of the many conversations between me (soft sci-fi, tell me about the characters/story) and my friend’s husband ( hard sci-fi, tell me how the space-ship works!  11Billion dollar bottle of wine!)

You can see the original in all its glory here. While you’re at it check out Kate Beaton’s other brilliant pieces (be warned – you’ll be there a while, chuckling and snorting – also you may be moved to look up historical references afterwards. Kate’s cartoons tend to make one curious about the events what-done-did inspire them.)

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2 Responses to In which Christmas comes early…

  1. Estara says:

    The Topatoco collection of her work is extremely good value for money, too. I was lucky to have discovered her in time for the first edition. And I love her t-shirt designs as well ^^

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