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Well, since I had the gall to start this conversation about piracy, I’ve had a small amount of pot shots taken at me. That’s ok, I expected a bit of a backlash and most folks have been more than kind and supportive. However, there is one particularly ugly little snipe that has (once again) lifted it’s head and, much as it wearies me to have to address it again, here goes…

I can not spell. Ok? I’ve been very very open about this, I’ve mentioned it many times online, I’ve mentioned it in radio, TV and skype interviews. I’ve talked about it with my fans. I always make a point of discussing it when I visit schools. It is not a secret.

I’m forty three years of age and I know I will never be able to spell properly. I suspect that if I were a school child now, they would tell me I was mildly dyslexic; this is just a guess on my behalf, because in my day teachers reacted by making me stand up and recite the spellings I couldn’t understand or cope with until I was inarticulate with stress, until the very thought of spelling something made me want to puke. Not very constructive, eh? Then, as I got older, they would simply deduct entire grades from my history, geography and English results based on nothing but poor spelling.

Nowadays spellcheck is my beloved friend. Unfortunately, if spellcheck doesn’t catch something, or if it makes a wrong choice, I’m screwed. Why? Because I can’t see the mistake. This leads to the occasional mistake on my blog/in my newsletters/in my replies to fan mail.

These mistakes do not make me a bad writer. They are no reflection on my vocabulary nor my understanding of language or my ability to construct a narrative. Neither do they mean that I am sloppy, disrespectful to my readers or in some way stupid. Anyone who assumes those things about me or my work based on a few misspellings is an idiot.

Enough said.

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11 Responses to Sigh…

  1. Sam says:

    I completely understand. I am horrible at spelling too. Even my literature teacher (though amazing at what she does and probably has the best grasp of grammar and punctuation ever) can’t spell.

    • Thank you so much, Sam! And to all those on Facebook who’ve been saying kind things too 🙂 It’s not like me to get so excercised over things – but I just felt it had to be said.

  2. Argh! I deleted this comment by mistake ( damn these sausage fingers!) But was able to cut and paste from the back-button page 🙂 Thank you Dermot (Peter), and LOLZ I could read every word!!!

    Dermot (Peter) Kennedy
    I cuodnt argee mroe. It is olny nesscrerary to get the frist and lsat lettres rihgt. our brians are hadrwierd to udnerstnad the maennig enev if all the rset of the lettres are jubmled up. Thsee pedogogues swoh thier ignroacne and their inalbitiy to appcreciate
    art and craetvity by conctrnaeting olny on their pendantry. Fcuk tehm

  3. emilycross says:

    Blogs are meant to be a place of expression – in whatever form.
    Not a place to be criticised for spelling or grammar.
    If this was the case – I would have been shut down yonks ago!!


    • Thank so much, Emily. I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t just a barrow full of cheap shots as a result of my having the nerve to suggest that folks shouldn’t pirate books : )

  4. Michael says:

    I follow Emily there. Our languages are alive anyway, everything should be “authorized”, or at least noone has to comment this in blogs IMHO. This is just useless.

  5. Louise says:

    That’s so petty and childish. When people take cheap shots like that in a discussion/argument all it does is reflect badly on them! Clearly they have nothing worthwhile to add so they go for the cheap insults. Bah to them!

    Also, I love how the caption under the photo ends with F, U. I’m hoping it’s intentional, but if not it’s a brilliant accident! 😉

  6. Alyssa says:

    I can’t spell to save my life I am almost in high school and I still am misspelling maybe. 🙂

    • I seriously only started to learn when I discovered spell check. It’s because I can watch the word change apparently! One of the headmasters at a school I was visiting told me that some people learn better visually and that, apparently, is the kind of person I am. Once I have a visual clue to what the spelling should be ( and can see the difference between the right and wrong spelling) my brain retains the information! Shame they didn’t know this when I was a kid. Standing up and shouting out the spellings does nothing to help a person whose brain works the ways mine does.

      Have you tried using spell check this way? It might save you years of pain! LOL!

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