Skiffy & Fanty & Me

Natter natter natter

I spent some time chatting to that crazy duo over at The Skiffy and Fanty Show, and the first half of the interview is up online now if you fancy having a listen.

Much to my suprise, I had a pretty awesome time with these guys. I’m not a fan of doing interviews, me, I always feel very weird prattling on as if I was someone to be listened to – but Jen and Shaun are so utterly cool and so into their subject matter that being on the show is more like chatting with fellow geeks than being interviewed.

Actually, we talked each other’s ears off to such an extent that the programme had to be split in two. This first half is mostly about how analytical YA readers tend to be, how I feel about violence in YA, the difficulties of marketing these books and also a little bit about my career in animation 🙂

If you do pop over, maybe think to leave a comment? The guys there put a lot into the shows and I think they deserve recognition for being two of the warmest and most interesting interviewers I’ve yet to work with!

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2 Responses to Skiffy & Fanty & Me

  1. Loopdilou says:


    I just got the books! WOW! THANK YOU!! SO much! I can’t wait to dive into them! It was such an absolute pleasure to chat with you and I hope we can do it again sometime!

    • LOLZ! Yeay! I’m glad they arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy them, but I know you’ll be honest 🙂

      I must say, it was one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done – it’s always such a pleasure when the interviewer is as engaged and as literate in the topic as you guys! ( BTW, I bought The Reapers Are The Angels based on your interview with Bell – so glad you brought my attention to it!)
      Thanks again, and best of luck with the show – I hope it goes from strength to strength this year 🙂

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