Over at the Smugglers…

The magnificent BookSmugglers are hosting their annual Smugglivus, which means a riotous feast of all things book oriented  – including reviews off all their favourite reads of 2010 ( The entire Moorehawke Trilogy was lucky enough to be included! Along with  a draw to win all three books! You can find both review and competition HERE)

As part of the Smugglivus celebrations Thea and Ana invite guest bloggers over to chat about their best reads of 2010 and whatever other little bits and pieces tickle their fancy ( you should tune in! Some of the best writers in fantasy and YA are popping in and out for the whole month of December.) I added my own tuppence worth, in which I wittered on about how much I loved World War Z among other things. I also put up a drawing from and a link to my Christmas short story which features some of the characters from my current work in progress. Come on over and say hi.

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2 Responses to Over at the Smugglers…

  1. Bob says:

    See, told ya World War Z was a keeper

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