Yet More Congratulations for Elise Hurst and Allen and Unwin!

You all know my love for the marvellous, wonderful, mindblowingly awesome Miss Elise Hurst . So you can just imagine my smiley face when I found out that she and the glorious Allen and Unwin designer Mr Bruno Herfst have been nominated in not one but two categories of the Australia Publishing Association Book Design Awards. (Best Designed Children’s Cover, and Best Designed Children’s Series)

Both nominations are for thier stellar work on the Moorehawke Triptych, in particular the middle cover (panel) The Crowded Shadows which is not only designed to fit into the trptych thusly,

Elise's amazing artwork and my three fav covers.

But also repeats with itself to make this amazing pattern,

The wondrous repeating shadows!

Best of luck to you Elise and Bruno, but you’re already winners in my eyes. Also many congrats to the design team at Allen and Unwin who have been nominated SO MANY TIMES THIS YEAR. As well as producing terrific, cutting edge YA, Allen and Unwin consistently produce the most interesting and evocative covers, it’s terrific to see them get the recognition they so fully deserve!


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