This is what I’m at right now.

Sorry for the thick silence folks, after spending the month of February on the final edits for Into The Grey/Taken Away, I’ve finally returned to my present work in progress, and I am merrily blissfully hopelessly back down the rabbit hole.

To apologise (and celebrate) I thought I’d post up a small extract from my first day back to work ((March 3rd 2011) Its very short, barely a thousand words, but I hope you enjoy it ( do bear in mind this is a very early extract, practically first draft. Things may have changed substantially by the time the full thing sees the light of day.) Here you are, an extract from the chapter Dead Water

I’m feeling itchy to do some artwork. There may be inky scribblings on the way.


On an unrelated note. Thank you to the many subscribers who responded to my query re the Moorehawke newsletter. Just to let you know, the overwhelming majority of subscribers want the newsletters expanded to give more than just Moorehawke news (99% of those who replied, in fact!) I have to say I’m thrilled and very touched that so many of you took the time to let me know. From now on the newsletters will not only contain Moorehawke updates but also small bits and pieces about my other, non-Moorehawke, publications.

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