Inky Doodlings

As ever I’m messing about drawing bits and pieces from the WiP. Here’s the latest. This is just a portion of a larger drawing, to see the full thing click the pic.

And here is the piece of text this illustrates:

Joseph had just set foot on the steps, his brow still furrowed in anger, when a fortuitous coincidence of time and weather stopped him in his tracks. First, the sun came out, flooding the stage in all its wintry brilliance; then Tina stepped from the wings. Her arms were filled with the skirts and bodice of some elaborate costume, the heavy satin-brocade sprinkled all over with gold and silver sequins. As soon as she walked from the shadows the sun reflected off her like a kaleidoscope, and the gloomy interior came alive with a million, dancing spangles of shivering light.
The effect seemed to arrest Tina as much as it did Joseph, and she came to a halt, gazing upwards, watching the light ripple across the dark backdrop and wings. Her face was all aglitter – her dark eyebrows, her strong jaw and nose, her loosely gathered mass of dark brown hair, all dazzling and bottom-lit with radiance from the dress.


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4 Responses to Inky Doodlings

  1. Estara says:

    Beautiful. Like all your work ^^.

  2. Louise says:

    Argh! That’s a gorgeous picture! And I would love to see that dress exist in reality 🙂

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