Fur Jule.

I don’t normally draw book plates any more, as the demand simply got too great and my time too limited. But I couldn’t refuse the little sister of my beloved German translator. Again, forgive the lack of proper lettering – I know that one of you guys contacted me years ago to show me how to do them with key-strokes, but photoshop wouldn’t recognise those codes – I’ll be drawing in all the double dots and funny S B combos on the print 🙂

For non German speakers, the text is a translation of ‘Honestly,’ it hissed, showing all its needle teeth. ‘Your species! So utterly dependant on its props

Your species!

(you can find a higher res version on my DA account)

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11 Responses to Fur Jule.

  1. Ooo, this is amazing! I remember this scene. Oh, such a lovely picture! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. StefanieEmmy says:

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog – you discovered just the right post 🙂 I really am in love with the Moorehawke trilogy (no kidding, I love the characters, the setting and you writing of course ^^), just wanted to point this out one more time 😉
    Are there going to be more books? Not necessarily in the world of Moorehawke, I will be just fine with any book written by you. 🙂


    • Oh my goodness! *hugs* Thank you so much!

      I would like to return to Moorehawke one day – I’d very much like to write a sequel where Raz, Sól, Chris and Wyn head North into Marguerite’s kingdom in search of some dangerous Merron rebels, and I’d quite like to go back and write Lorcan and JOn’s true story ( seeing as they will never tell the truth themselves.) but those projects are very fr away and down the line as the Ya ghostbook I have coming out in September of this year is set in 1974 Ireland/1916 Passchendale, and the project I’m currently working on is aVictorian supernatural/sci-fi set in 1890’s Ireland 😀

      Again, thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the trouble to drop by!

      • StefanieEmmy says:

        All of those ideas sound great to me! I’m really looking forward to reading them one day! 🙂 Fortunately September isn’t so far away. ^^

  3. Estara says:

    That is SO GREAT!

    But can I – as a teacher and a somewhat pedantic German – point out the spelling mistakes? This might help with the umlauts and the ß

    If you can’t change the text any more, just ignore this:

    >>Ehrlich wahr,<< zischte sie und entblößte dabei ihre nadelspitzen Zähne. >>Ihr Menschen!Völlig hilflos ohne eure Requisiten!<<


  4. Estara says:

    Yes, and now I’ve finally read the text *headdesk* the only thing you didn’t mention you were going to correct is the d at the end of the und.

  5. Celine, a Victorian supernatural/sci-fi set in 1890 Ireland. That sounds interesting! You have my curiosity. 🙂 Although the books may not be in the US for a while, they all sound great. Thank you!

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