Download The Fiction Writers first single for free

Get free music!

You may recall my songs of love and praise for the lovely Kate Rudd and the terrific job she did narrating the Moorehawke Audiobooks.Well Kate’s band, The Fiction Writers, are in the process of recording their first EP!

As nice bit of promotion they’re releasing their first single ‘Mile a Minute’ for free. To download it just go HERE. I really like Kate’s smokey vocals and the band’s sound is all the things I love (kinda indie/trad – bit Mumford and Sons, bit Iron and Wine, bit The Decemberists – but all The Fiction Writers at the same time if you know what I mean!)

The song is genuinely free – there’s no catch – but if you fancy donating to the production costs you can also do this via the download page ( even if you gave 1 dollar it would help right?) They have 30 days to raise 1500 dollars. I think they can do it if everyone who likes their sound gives a little 🙂

Good luck Kate and The Fiction Writers.


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4 Responses to Download The Fiction Writers first single for free

  1. Katie Rudd says:

    Well, I’m simply overwhelmed, friend. Your graciousness has made my day. BIG love to you!
    xoxo, Kate

  2. A sincere thanks from me as well! Humbling words…
    Eric W.

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