No Christopher! Not the Chicken!

So you know I’ve finished the latest novel, and I am determined to take a break before starting the new one. But I’m boooorrrrreed.  So I’ve found myself scribbling a few ideas down for a Moorehawke webcomic based on the story of Christopher’s … um … necklace (trying to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t yet read The Rebel Prince.) It’s a story I wanted make a proper space for, as I felt it was too complex and important to hijack The Rebel Prince with. Also, I always had a hankering to tell it though the medium of a graphic novel! I figure I might as well play about with it now. This may never come to anything more than a few fun sketches, and sheets of concept art. but I’m enjoying playing with it at the moment.

Here’s a concept page I did this morning – Christopher remembers his mother, and what a demented little wolf-boy he was. (BTW I got Christopher’s Mam’s Finnish from  terrible online translation site. If anyone can tell me how to actually say ‘No Christopher! Not the chicken!’ in Finnish, I’d be ever so grateful.)

Experimental artwork for Moorehawke webcomic

Find all pages here   

(high res versions of all can be found on my DA gallery where you can navigate from page to page – but you need to press the PREVIOUS button to see them in order (go figure!))

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2 Responses to No Christopher! Not the Chicken!

  1. Ha ha ha… I love it! This is just to adorable and made me smile today. Thank you!

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