Page three: Lost Mama

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Well I outlined the script yesterday (broke it down into roughly what happens per 15 page section – punched in the dialogue highlights etc) and the whole thing works out at approx 105 pages of art. WHew. So much for a little project to keep myself amused between novels! All in all I figure the roughs will take me about 4months (if I do a page a day) Will have to see if my schedule permits me that much time! Until then – I’m still having tons of fun.

(high res versions of all can be found on my DA gallery where you can navigate from page to page – but you need to press the PREVIOUS button to see them in order (go figure!))

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6 Responses to Page three: Lost Mama

  1. Estara says:

    These continue to amaze! You could do your own webcomic on this, or – preferably – sell it to a publisher and we could buy the comic! Or you could make an ebook comic out of it (quite a bit of manga is sold for Kindle, IPad and Sony Reader these days) and sell it yourself. Or just have fun ^^

    • Thanks so much! I am loving doing these I have to say. I’m actually really loving the pencil look and might keep it as it is (though clean up the bg’s of course) Funnily enough I was talking to a publisher just recently about publishing a webcomic as an iphone ap. Don’t know if anything will ever come of that though – for now I’ll just continue to have fun and bask in the happy glow you guys enjoying them 😀

  2. Oh poor little thing. 🙂 But I like the thought of him being with Aiden. Such a good thing for our little man there. 🙂

  3. miss elise says:

    Celine this is BEAUTIFUL!!! x

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