Page six: Slave Line

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A day later than promised here we have page six. The slave line, as Christopher described it in The Poison Throne. Poor Aidan is too ill to go on. Next page next Friday 🙂

(high res versions of all can be found on my DA gallery where you can navigate from page to page – but you need to press the PREVIOUS button to see them in order (go figure!))

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2 Responses to Page six: Slave Line

  1. I really like the blue tint background to this one. And the way the scenes over lay at the top of the major scene at the bottom. Nice. And sad too. I always wonder how Christopher turned out such a happy person with all this behind him. But I guess he remembers all the happy things over these sad things.

    • Yes, he was a happy little baby and then he had a good ten years more of extremely happy life with good people who showed him love and taught him strength. And then, of course, he had Razi, and then Wyn. Plus he’s naturally a live for the moment guy – a bit like a dog LOL!

      SO glad you like the colors here. Again, it’s designed as a double spread, so the next page will have a similar layout and colour scheme 🙂

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