Page 12: The New Pack


Page 12 of the Moorehawke comic. Christopher wakes from dreams of the past into the reality of his present. Sorry this one was soooo late coming. I intend to fix Sól’s arm in the lower left panel, but won’t get the chance until I’m drawing the next page (in which some restorative snogging may well be indulged)

(high res versions of all can be found on my DA gallery where you can navigate from page to page – but you need to press the PREVIOUS button to see them in order (go figure!))

NOTE: 2nd Oct 2011. Updated to new drawing ( Sól’s arm and hair redrawn)

Next week – Wynter and Christopher.

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3 Responses to Page 12: The New Pack

  1. Oh I love seeing the gang again. 🙂 And I look forward to Wyn with Christopher on the next page. She has started to be able to work with this side of Christopher. 🙂 I have to say I love her blanket she has. Thank you!

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