Octocon goodtimes and Taken Away in A&U top ten.

So many thanks to the organisers and fellow con-goers at this weekend’s Octocon. Anyone who knows me will know how gibbering with terror I am before any public speaking, and this event was no different.( In fact, I was all set to turn the organizers down again this year, and it was only this terrific article by Rose Fox over at genreville which made me pause and rethink my usual knee-jerk ‘sure who would want to listen to me?’ reaction.)  So I have to extend huge thanks to my fellow panelists (Ruth F. Long, Alan Nolan, Oisin McGann, Peadar Ó Guilín and Derek Gunn) who made the whole thing so much fun and SO EASY. I ended up having an absolute blast.

When not running off at the mouth I was entertained and educated by Sarah Rees Brennan, Maura McHugh, Vicky Stonebridge, Rich Clements, John Higgens*, Micheal Carroll and many many others. Such a good natured, jolly and genuinely knowledgeable bunch of lunatics. I learned a lot about comic production and really had my brain stimulated about many aspects of the fantasy/sci-fi/horror writing and what drives us to read/produce it.I particularly enjoyed the panel on women’s role in the genres – very illuminating.

Thanks to the con organizers who made sure everything ran smoothly and also to the staff of the Camden Court Hotelwho provided such a lovely venue and looked after us all so well.

(* how thrilled was I to get a signed page of original John Higgens Judge Dredd artwork???? SO THRILLED)


I’ll be at the Pearse St Library tonight with Melvin Burgess and Geraldine Meade. Our topic will be: Face Facts, Real Life Issues in Young Adult Fiction. As far as I know, that will be my last travel engagement this week, so I hope very much to settle down to some writing tomorrow and to getting the next page of the webcomic drawn.


By the way, it was a real thrill this morning to see that Taken Away (AKA Into the Grey) is still in the A&U top ten bestsellers in AUS/NZ. Woothoot! Go my Aussies, go!

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10 Responses to Octocon goodtimes and Taken Away in A&U top ten.

  1. wyvernfriend says:

    And it was very good to see you there too! Much fun.

  2. Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed you were nervous at all!

    I really enjoyed all the panels I saw you on, and loved to hear how you wrote the books I enjoyed so much. I’m so glad you read that article! 😀

    • LOLZ! I was RATTLING! I’m such an eejit.
      I’m delighted that you enjoyed the panels (and the books *blush*) I certainly had an absolute ball during the whole thing and a lot of that had to do with the warm, relaxed, chatty attendees!
      Yeay for my first con being so totally enjoyable!

  3. Rose Fox says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have encouraged you to do something that you ended up enjoying so much!

  4. I really enjoyed the Utopia panel (the only one of yours I was at–I didn’t panel much), didn’t notice you were nervous, and now want to read your books. So definitely say yes to panels in future.

  5. Gareth says:

    It was fantastic to have you as a Guest, and i wish i could have made more of your panels!

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