Guess where I am again?

Down The Rabbit Hole

Yes indeed, I am once again down the rabbit hole, tippity-tappiting away on a new novel. This place is going to be a little quiet for a while, as I really want to concentrate my mind on the new baby while I can. (hopefully I’ll have a big edit coming up soon and I want to have as much done on the new project as possible, before I need to go back and polish the old one.)

Before I completely disappear into another world, I’ll be doing my last public engagement of the year on Friday. I’ll be up in Dublin as part of the South Dublin Libraries Teen Festival. I’m really looking forward to it. So if you’d like to come see me and hear me read from Into The Grey, I’ll be in Tallaght Library at 12 on Friday the 18th of Nov.

Apologies to Edith Mi over at Tirindeth’s Books. I’ve been promising to do an interview with her for ages and keep having to let her down. I promise, Edith, I promise, this weekend you’ll have it on your desk. Thank you so much for your good humor and patience!

To celebrate this diving once again into a new world, I’ve posted up a teeny section of the new project. Its barely two thousand words and practically first draft, but I had fun writing it. I hope you like it. (I’m so tempted to do drawings of this project. Much more so than on the last one. I think because this project is so vibrantly visual, its just pushing all my illustrative buttons.)

So – there we go. I’m away off into another world. Will see you as soon as I surface.

*holds nose. Jumps. Disappears.*

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2 Responses to Guess where I am again?

  1. Being down the rabbit hole isn’t a bad thing. 😉 Do enjoy yourself!

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