Update to Art for Alexandra

NOTE: added post auction. Thanks to all who contributed and participated in this and the other fund raising activities. Over 63 thousand euros was raised for Alexandra. Here’s hoping her future is now a little brighter. THANK YOU.

Limited Edition Artwork for Auction.

Just to remind you folks, the Art for Alexandra auction is on the 27th of November (this Sunday coming) Artists from all over Ireland have donated their work in order to raise money for this great cause*

With the permission of my UK/US publishers Orbit, I will be donating my personal copy of the signed limited edition Moorehawke print that Orbit commissioned last year.

As part of the same lot I am also donating a signed copy of the 2008 special limited print run of the Irish first edition of The Poison Throne. This is the very first printing of The Poison Throne and the one that has the lovely gold embossed covers that fold out into a map.

The artwork will be signed and framed and both it and the book are up for bids as LOT 158  with all the other donated art at Adams Auction house in Blackrock on November 27th 2011. Remember there is no lower limit to any of the bids, the idea is to raise as much money as possible so bid whatever you can because all of it will go towards giving Alexandra back the use of her hands. Even if you cannot bid, please support this great cause by tweeting or facebooking it – spread the word.

You can contact Adams Auction house for details of the auction or you can donate directly to

ACCOUNT NO. 70546818
SORT CODE 90 13 51



In 2009, Alexandra Trotsenko, a Russian artist living in Ireland, had her fingers cut off. This happened during the course of a vicious knife attack in her own home. The attacker has since been jailed for 16 years, but without expensive surgery, Alexandra will not draw again.

Many artists in the Irish community have come together to donate our work to a special charity auction, hoping to pay for the prosthesis which may help Alexandra resume her career. BACK TO TOP

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