Links to Paranormal Books Interview

I mention her in the previous post, but because Edith Mi’s wonderful interview deserves its own post here, again, are the links to her Paranormalbook’s interview, the English version and the Polish version.

We talk about many things in the interview but here are some small extracts from when Edith and I were discussing the characters from Moorehawke:

WYNTER: is the ultimate outsider… someone from whom information is kept by even those she loves and trusts ‘for her own good’…  a person whose training was not to fight, but to create, who is – comparatively speaking – smaller and weaker than most of those who would do her harm… how would such a person survive or prevail in a world where might is right, and where her physical vulnerability is a very real handicap?



RAZI: that most despised and misunderstood of men – a diplomat – who, through the power of his words and deeds, hopes to change the world. But he is  also an aristocrat, with all the inherent failings and temptations of a man born into absolute power. Throughout the books he fights constantly his tendency to bully, coerce and overrule.


CHRISTOPHER:  comes from a place where the strong crush the weak. In Christopher’s world, the safest and cleanest solution to a conflict is often to slit your enemy’s throat and walk away. He finds it very difficult to understand the time and effort that Wynter and Razi are willing to put into trying to change their world. But he is willing … to support them no matter what, because for Christopher personal loyalty and friendship is above everything else. Which makes it all the more remarkable … that he is so willing to put his trust in Razi’s … often horribly distanced approach to their situation and the personal sacrifices this demands of all involved.

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4 Responses to Links to Paranormal Books Interview

  1. Louise says:

    Oh, Razi *sigh* He’s easily in my top ten favourite book characters ever. It seems like he sees everything in black and white yet he’s so much more amazingly complex than you first think. I can’t help but love him.

    Great interview, Celine!

  2. Kelsey says:

    The interview was great and I loved hearing the main themes summed up like that, it makes me think over the whole trilogy through a new lens with each different theme. I would LOVE to see a sequel set in this world! It would make my year! Thank-you for this wonderful story!

    • Thank you so much, Kelsey! I’m delighted that you enjoyed the interview.
      I would love to write the sequel – I have it all set out in my head. Very action/adventurish, almost apocalyptic, but focused quite a bit on Sólmundr and Wynter’s friendship, and with – of course – the continuation of Wyn’s lovely relationship with Christopher. I can’t start writing it til I’ve finished what I’m working on now though – so for now it’s on the back burner. Which is probably a good thing as its getting plenty of time to cook back there!

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