Open letter to Cardinal Sean Brady,

Dear Cardinal Sean Brady, how is it you cared more for your position in the Catholic hierarchy than you did for the immortal soul you profess to possess?

You had information that a man was systematically and repeatedly raping children.  You remained silent about this information long after it became clear that it was not going to be  used by your superiors to put an end to this man’s acts or bring him to justice or help his victims in any way. You refuse now to accept that you failed as a human being and as a leader of your church. You refuse to admit that you could have done more. As far as I am aware, your Eminence,  the defence of ‘superior orders’ was undermined by Nuremburg. You should have gone public at the time. Every day of every year that passed while that information lay hidden and that man continued to rape his way through entire families of children, you should have stepped forward and made the truth known.

You should have acted. You could have acted. You did not act.

The least you can do, the very least, is to retire and spend the rest of your life in penance for the suffering you have prolonged, praying in earnest to the God you say you believe in that there is still some morsel of hope for your redemption.

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