Book of The Year Award Double Whammy

I’m more than a little bleary eyed today folks. It’s taken quite a while to realise that Monday morning wasn’t a dream, and that Into The Grey (Taken Away) actually has won Best Book of the Year in the 2012 CBI Awards. Not only that, but it also walked away with that most coveted of recognition, the Children’s Choice (I am the first author ever to win both!)

Stunned? There’s no word for how stunned I am. I can’t decide which award is most thrilling to me. The Children’s Choice Award  is the result of children’s juries all over Ireland reading the nine shortlisted titles and then voting on which they preferred. That floors me: that the kids themselves voted for Into The Grey to win. Children are the most honest of readers and for them to have chosen Into the Grey out of such a strong line up of contenders is the highest compliment I could ever have received. And then, on top of that, to have won the Book of The Year which is the decision of this year’s panel of judges whose vote is based on literary merit as much as enjoyment of the story… Gah. Speechless again.

If you’d like to see me in less speechless mode, you can catch me in all my rather insane looking glory on this newsclip (I come after Jedward!)

Though you can see me above with some of the voters, clutching my permanent award in my fist, the Book of the Year trophy (formerly known as the Bisto Award) is a great mad heavy thing! I’m barely able to lift it at all! I get to hang onto it for a year but CBI have kindly allowed that I can lend it to a couple of my favourite bookshops and my local library for a little tour of my neighbourhood. So if you’re around Cavan in the next few weeks, you can pop in and see her if you like. Next week (4th -9th June) you can find her in the By The Book bookshop in Virginia town. Then you can find her in the Crannóg Bookshop in Cavan town ( 11th-15th June) After that she’ll be having a little two week rest in my local library at Baillieborough

OK. It’s now 5am. I’ve been up since 3 because I knew if I didn’t get up and do this blog I’d never get the chance – but now I think I need a bit of nap before starting another hectic day (*whine* I haven’t written a word on the new novel since LAST WEEK! Bad Author! Lazy author!)  but before I tootle off to what is hopefully a deep and refreshing sleep, can I thank my publishers the O’Brien Press (Ireland) and Allen&Unwin (Australia) for taking a chance on what many others considered too complex a book for kids. In particular I want to hug it out with my amazing editors Elsie Jones(A&U) and Susan Houlden(OBP) – both of whom were on board from day one withmy vision of the work and whose contributions only served to strengthen it every step of the way. Thanks, guys! You’re a dream to work with!

Right. To bed before my brain melts. GOOD NIGHT!

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2 Responses to Book of The Year Award Double Whammy

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I’d like to add “but of course!” ^^

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