Three Step Trilogy Analysis, Radio Interviews, Record Breaks & shhhhh

Many thanks to the folks over at Yellow Brick Reads for chosing The Moorehawke Trilogy as the subject of this month’s Three Step Trilogy. I love YBR’s indepth, thoughtful approach to reviewing and I especially like their new Three Step Trilogy series which takes YA trilogies as a whole unit and analyses them as such. (See their detailed break down of The Hunger Games,Catching Fire & Mockingjay, and keep an eye out for next month’s series which is – I think – Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking Trilogy [though I may be wrong!]Go check
out what they had to say about Moorehawke :

The Poison ThroneThe Crowded ShadowsThe Rebel Prince


 You will hear me on the radio this week. I’m heading to Dublin tomorrow to record an interview with RTE Digital for their Little Pages programme. Grainne Clear, a young friend and I will be chatting about Into The Grey. Not sure when this will be broadcast but I think Friday 15th? (I’ll let you know!) If you’d like to check out Grainne’s previous excellent book discussions you can find many podcasts here.

On the morning of Thursday 14th I’ll be over at the Newstalk studios chatting to Chris Donaghue for the Newstalk Breakfast Show. I’ll be on air around 9.20 or so. If you like, you can pick up the show on the newstalk live broadcast here.

On Friday I will be participating in the writers centre’s attempt to break the world record for the most number of writers reading consecutively from their own work 🙂 There will be 111 separate Irish authors, inc myself, John Boyne, Roddy Doyle, Sarah ReesBrennan, all reading for 15 minutes each for 28 hours 🙂 The entire thing will be webcast from the writers centre website, so even if you aren’t in the area, you can pop in and out over the course of the 28 hours to hear your favorite authors reading ( If you’d like to tune in – and I’d love you to! – I’ll be reading from Into The Grey at 2am (Irish time))

This week’s TV3 AM appearance has been postponed until August 15th, so I’ll remind you of it nearer to the time 🙂

After all this chatting, I’m going to be a little quiet for a bit.  I’ve been finding it very difficult to work recently (I’m blaming my lack of a laptop – but there are other factors involved too) and I need to retreat for a while in order to give myself space to concentrate on the WiP before the next round of edits start on Resonance. So I won’t be around the interwebs too much in the next few weeks. I’m on a wee bit of a drawing kick though – there may be the occasional illustration to punctuate the silence 🙂

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5 Responses to Three Step Trilogy Analysis, Radio Interviews, Record Breaks & shhhhh

  1. Hi Celine. I’m delighted you enjoyed the reviews over at Yellow Brick Reads. When reviewing books there’s always that fear of getting it wrong (the dreaded Marshall McLuhan moment in Annie Hall so it’s a big relief when the author feels their work has been treated fairly. I thought I should mention too that there’s only one blogger (me!) at YBR. I do sometimes slip into the Royal “We” but these delusions of grandeur are probably best ignored…Best of luck with the writing – I’m really looking forward to reading Resonance next year.

  2. Heee, sorry about that. I always er on the side of plural usage as I think – if there turns out to be a team involved – it would be unfair to only thank the ‘frountman’. I really do enjoy your 3 step Trilogy series. I’m very much looking forward to reading more.

    That Woody Allen clip is hilarious. You know I don’t read my reviews and haven’t for years*? Much against the current trend in social media where we have authors tweeting all their great reviews and freaking out over the bad, I just can’t do it. I don’t think reviewers should have to look over their shoulders for fear of authorial comment while they are working their way through an analysis. I feel they should be given the space to explore a work as they experienced it, and not as the author hoped or intended them to.
    However, if a reviewer has a desire to work their way through a piece of writing using the author as reference or contrasting their actual reading experience with the author’s intentions, that’s another thing altogether. When the author is invited into the discussion in that manner, I think there is room for wonderful conversation and discovery. But (for me anyway) to engage with reviewers on a casual basis would feel intrusive. (I’m also not too sure that wide scale authorial interaction with reviews won’t lead to a whole new type of selfconscious reviewer who maybe heightens the negativity or positivity of their reviews with an eye to nothing more than an entertaining engagement with the author. This would be good for marketing maybe, but for the art of reviewing itself and the genuine discussion of books for books sake? I don’t know. I doubt it.)

    *(at the beginning of my career I was advised to read all my reviews so that I could ‘learn from the criticism’ this is bullshit advice. Every new author is told this by at least one person. Every new author should ignore it.)

    • I think it’s very wise to steer clear of the reviews. It’s so difficult not to be swayed by what we read and I reckon authors must do enough agonising over and second guessing of their work as it is. Better to cling on tight to that island of independent thought than be washed overboard!

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