Very rough pages14&15 webcomic

OK, so it’s be, like, a FOREVER ago since I got the chance to work on the webcomic. I was jonesing, man. So I blew off work yesterday and today, and sketched out the next three pages. Thought I’d share the super extra very rough stage of pages 14&15 (because ye’ve all been so patient and probably thought I’d given up entirely!) I need to get some writing done now. But I hope to have the pencils done for this by Friday…

So here you have it – super super rough rough blue pencils of Wyn and Christopher the night after his bad dream*.
BTW, I will be in Waterstones Drogheda on Sunday at 1 o’clock as part of their Summer Spooks Programme. I’ll be talking about writing, reading from Into the Grey ( and possibly Moorehawke, depends what folks want) and answering questions. Come long if you like, I’d love to see you 🙂

*For a high res version go to my DA site

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3 Responses to Very rough pages14&15 webcomic

  1. Oh I do love seeing these. Glad you took a moment to work on another 2 pages for us. 🙂 I do think this is my favorite couple. Thank you for sharing!

  2. johniwhite says:

    Excellent. I need to do the same!

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