Down the Rabbit Hole & The Treachery of Beautiful Things

Sorry for the silence. It’s going to continue for a little while longer though. October is book festival season here in Ireland and I will be on the road a LOT so I’m trying to get as much writing done this month as is humanly possible while I can! In the next couple of weeks I’ll post up a shedual of all the places I’ll be in Ireland – maybe we’ll get the chance to meet up.

OH! Don’t forget on Sept 12th, in The Gutter Bookshop I’m launching the lovely Ruth F Long’s excellent YA fairytale The Treachery of Beautiful Things You know I never recommend anything unless I genuinely like it, so you can betcha that I really liked this book (in fact you can read my review of it here) If you’re in Dublin next Wednesday at 6.30, pop in to the launch party, meet Ruth and congratulate her on her new baby 🙂

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5 Responses to Down the Rabbit Hole & The Treachery of Beautiful Things

  1. I have hear of this book before. Thank for the mention of it, I love your work so I am sure I will like this book too.

  2. kerindat says:

    I wish I could ride the ferry next wednesday and attend!

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