WiP Wordle

Heee. I should be working ( and I will be. I SWEAR IT. Any minute now I’m about to settle down and pump out today’s requisite word count) but I got a teensy bit distracted. At the weekend writing course I was prattling on about crutch words and how we all have them, and one of the attendees drew my attention to wordle. I’m certain I’m the last person in the world to discover this software but OH WHAT FUN!!!!

Here is the word cloud for my current WiP. I know it’ll mean nothing to nobody but me… but damn it all it makes me smile.


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1 Response to WiP Wordle

  1. That’s okay that it doesn’t mean anything to us, as long as you know what it means and it’s fun, that’s all that matters. 🙂 It’s a neat fun idea.

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