To Cork With Me!

I’m off to Cork today my dearies. Here is the schedule of my readings in case you get the chance to pop in and see me: Contact Cork Libraries for details.

Tuesday 9th October
10.30am Carrigaline Library
12 noon Glanmire Library
Wednesday 10th October
10.30am Mallow Library
1.15pm Millstreet Library

Many thanks to all at Kildare Libraries for taking care of me during last week’s reading tour. All the kids were terrific and, as always, I am blown away by the intelligence and level of engagement shown during our Q&As. Especially thanks to the pupils in Monasterevin who delighted me by several bursts of spontaneous applause, and also to the lovely pupils and teacher from the reading group at Athy College with whom I had such an interesting chat – I look like a tiny tiny hobbit in this picture though – was there some kind of temporal warping going on here?

Me and the kids from Athy College.

OK. I have to get my skates on. It’s a long drive to Cork and I’ve things to do before I set off. BTW, if I owe you an interview, a reply to fan mail, or a drawing, I am so so sorry. I’ve fallen way behind on my to-do list. Most interviews are nearly completed, though, and I will be e-mailing them this week. Fan mail and drawings may take me a little longer, especially those that are depending on my getting to the post office, but I WILL CATCH UP SOON. I promise.

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5 Responses to To Cork With Me!

  1. Hope you had a great time at Cork. And love the picture! Glad to hear all where good and interested. 🙂

  2. 11th of October, just realised you were visiting my neck of the woods on Tuesday (living in Crosshaven, sea-end of Carrigaline). I hope you had a good time, and everyone treated you well. The Carrigaline library is lovely. Love the On The Road pic above.

    • Cork – as always – was a total blast. I enjoyed it emmensly and was spoiled rotten (as usual) Always the highlight of festival season for me 🙂 What a shame we couldn’t meet up! Oh my goodness, though, I’ll tell you something, Carragaline library have the most impressive collection of new young adult books! The librarians were quite amused at my enthusing over them but they really are extraordinarily well stocked! ( Code Name Verity, Doglands, Between Shades of Grey – all highly acclaimed new additions to YA lit scene which I’ve been longing to read!)

      • So glad you had a good time. It would be lovely to meet up for a coffee the next time you are down south. Just to say I was chatting to the daughter of a friend of mine, who went to see you talk in the Mallow library in Cork recently. She was mightily impressed with your good self and your books. She went out and bought Into The Grey and is enjoying it immensely:) Juliana

      • It’s hard not to have a good time in Cork (especially when I get looked after so well there!) Would love to meet up for coffee next time.
        I’m so thrilled to hear that your friend’s daughter is enjoying Into The Grey! Please tell her thanks for the support 😀

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