Octocon HO!

I’m off to Octocon tomorrow folks. I’m really looking forward to it and I know it’s going to be great fun, but I must confess to feeling woefully under prepared for it. There’s just been SO MUCH RUNNING ABOUT recently and my head feels quite stuffed full of fresh air and thistledown. I shall just have to hope I don’t make too big an idiot of myself at the panels.

You remember I did some readings recently for this lovely lot:

Well they went a wrote me some lovely lovely e-mails after. I promised I put them on the blog, so here they are: (NOTE: I replied to everyone individually so all the questions have been answered : ) )

This is Chloe M() from Athy College. On behalf of the Book Club I would like to thank you for meeting with us on the 5/10/2012. We enjoyed it immensely and wish you the very best of luck! 🙂
You have also inspired me to write my own stories, as well as some of the other Book Club members!
Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Chloe M(). 🙂

I am second year student in Athy College, Athy, Co. Kildare. I am just writing to give you a special thanks for our visit to see you last Friday in Athy library.
Many thanks

Dear Ms. Kiernan,My name is Katie G() and I am a second year student in Athy College.

I would like to thank you for visiting us in Athy Library recently to discuss your book ” Into the Grey/Taken Away”. I really enjoyed listening to you talk about the background to the book and how you got the ideas for the plot of the book from your personal childhood experiences.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and found it very interesting and a little bit scary. I had never read a book like this before.
I really look forward to reading your new book when it is published next year. 🙂
Yours sincerely,
Katie G()

hi Celine

i really enjoyed your visit to the athy library i really enjoyed and you gave a great in site on how you wrote the book what your inspiration was. And was just wondering what the title of your next book will be.
Leon M()

Hello Ms Kiernan,

I was one of the children you spoke to at Athy Library last friday. I would like to thank you for coming down to us and for answering our questions. Also I would like to ask you,What is your faviourite book by another author? Once again i would like to thank you for visiting

yours sincerley
Corey B()
Thank you for visiting Athy library and telling us about the meaning of your book.When is your other book coming out and its name please. L K()
Hi celine i am a student from Athy college i would like to say thank you for the visit at the Athy library. I found into the grey an interesting book and i liked the part when you read the part of Into the grey when Patrick saw the ghost at the house in Skerries again i would like to say thank you for the visit. Nathan C()
Hannah celine i got your book into the grey so far i am on chapter 3 and it is a really good i was at the libary with st Marys school please write back.
Hannah .:) happy:) happy:) happy

Life is really lovely sometimes, isn’t it?  THANKS KIDS!!!! It makes all the running around worth it when I get such lovely letters afterwards : )

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One Response to Octocon HO!

  1. Oh that was wonderful of the kids. They don’t realize the way they can make a day sometimes. 🙂

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