Spellmaker Tumblesnake

This scarred and scary cat-snake-tiger creature was drawn by one of the amazing kids from my workshops today. The class named him Spellmaker Tumblesnake (I think) and he is the familiar to a witch-ghost who lives in a shopping center. His job is to lure mammies to their doom. When the kids try and find the mammies, the witch blasts them with her laser eyes, simultaneously turning them into frogs and bar-b-Qing them for her lunch.

(I made none of this up! It was all the kids’ doing.)

Many thanks to the kids at Kells and at Navan libraries for such interesting discussions on what it means to be afraid, what history has taught us to be afraid of, and why. Thanks, too, for sharing with me the brilliant brilliant monsters, ghosts and demons which they all invented out of their own fears ( and then defeated one by one with teamwork and imagination!!)

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2 Responses to Spellmaker Tumblesnake

  1. Sounds like some really creative kids there. 🙂 Great drawing. Sounds like you had a great time.

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