Apologies to my workshop kids!

Guys, I’m so so sorry! I know you’ve been waiting some while now to see your drawings and stories up online. You must think I’ve forgotten all about you, but I haven’t! I’ve just been a touch overwhelmed. Event season only finished for me last week and I’ve been trying very hard (and not too successfully) to get my latest book written before I plunge into the next round of edits on Resonance.


I can’t promise that I’ll have the time to put your work online this week (or maybe even next week) but By the first week in Dec I’ll have it scanned and uploaded. OK? FORGIVE ME!

(PS: forgive me also, Emily from Drogheda who has been patiently waiting her drawing of Wynter and her cats, and also Lucy from Wexford whose thank you gift has been sitting on my desk for nearly TWO MONTHS! I will get these to you before Christmas, I promise)

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