Arn Chorn Pond: Everyone has a Story

In a world where the gun is all too often romanticized as the ultimate tool for social change, I find this video very powerful. Especially this week. When Arn Chorn Pond – a Cambodian ex-child soldier – talks about being bullied in the American high school in which his adopted parents enrolled him, he tells how, in his previous life, he would have, without a thought, shot and killed the children who were bullying him. He then goes on to speak about the teacher who taught him English and thereby gave Arn Chorn a voice which he used to not only express his hurt, but also to change the world for thousands of others.

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2 Responses to Arn Chorn Pond: Everyone has a Story

  1. Thanks for sharing that today. Especially as a teacher at an all boys’ school I tend to worry a lot about the aggression and hopelessness that certain students show – and I’m not very adept at opening them up, to be truthful with our curriculum and number of students we hardly have time to even notice. Seeing someone with his background finding hope in learning makes me hopeful we might find a way to give these voices an outlet somehow.
    I am sure it will only work if everyone works together, though. That doesn’t look very likely at my school as it is now.

    • I think his message of self restraint and worth (and the over coming of such intense conditioning to become an ambassador of peace and understanding) is incredible. If only young folks were presented more often with role models like Arn Chorn Pond I think they may have a better chance of expressing themselves without and despite of violence.

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