In future I shall have her bake a cake.

Wyn and ChristopherGrrrr. I’ve just tolerantly smiled my way through an e-mail lecture on how Wynter ‘betrayed’ Christopher by concentrating more on politics than on his feelings, and how she ‘doesn’t deserve his love’ – only to find I wasn’t, as I thought, reading the passionate ramblings of a romantic and inexperienced young girl, but the depressing witterings of a middle-aged woman with two grown daughters (who, btw, she would disown should they ever treat ‘their men’ in such a ‘coldhearted’ manner)

Yes, dear, Wynter SHOULD have ‘slapped Razi’s face’ and ‘left the camp’ instead of trying to get to the heart of things. Heaven knows, men are small and delicate flowers completely incapable of self-worth without a woman’s total attention and unrelenting physical presence. You are absolutely right, Wynter should have devoted her energies to comforting her man and kept her nose out of all that other meaningless business going on at the negotiation table. After all, there was only a kingdom hanging in the balance.

I shall try and do better. In future, when present during delicate political maneuverings my female characters will abandon all subtlety and diplomatic skill in order to throw a strop at perceived slights to their lover’s honor. They shall then dismiss themselves from the heart of political discourse in order to hold his hand – and possibly bake a cake. Men like cake, right?

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6 Responses to In future I shall have her bake a cake.

  1. SJ O'Hart says:

    I’m holding my head in my hands right now.

    Thank goodness Christopher was intelligent enough to keep up with Wyn, eh?

    • I very nearly threw something. It was ok when I assumed her to be young and inexperienced but (like I said on FB) it worries me that in 2013 – after everything that has been done to enlighten us as to our rights – women continue to propagate and believe in this strange definition of female love as being a total surrender of self and ambition to the needs of one’s partner. Boogles my mind that this person has daughters and still feels that way.

      And yes, yeay for Christopher’s feminism 😀

  2. Louise says:

    Oh dear. Not only is this offensive to women everywhere, but what about Christopher? Is it fair of me to say that the assumption that he wants a woman who bows down to his every whim is completely false?

    • Oh god yes, YES, THANK YOU!! I had hoped it was clear throughout the course of their slow build relationship that one of the many reasons they get together is precisely because Christopher respects that she is (and automatically expects her to be) as independent and self motivated as anyone else.

  3. Oh no. Sounds like they didn’t see very far with the book or the whole idea that there is more at stake. Ga! That’s what gives women a bad name… *sigh* Just barefoot and pregnant…*shacks head*

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