Epic Con, Maynooth 22nd -24th Feb

epic_con-d5qel1g I’ll be a guest speaker at Epic Con in Maynooth this weekend, if anyone fancies coming along to say hi. The con runs from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th and is family friendly. It has all sorts of cool stuff such as Cosplay, corset workshops, discussion groups, tardis building. Unfortunately I can only attend on the Sunday – my panels are highlighted in orange in the timetables below – which is a shame for me. I’m going to miss so much good craic!

See below for timetable. Guest speakers will include Peadar Ó Guilín & Ruth F Long




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2 Responses to Epic Con, Maynooth 22nd -24th Feb

  1. Hope you have an awesome time! I do love doing the cons when I’m able to. 🙂

    • I have very little experience of cons (am – believe it or not – ridiculously shy & have been turning down invites for years until I copped myself on) This was only my second and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a very small university convention and I have to say the atmosphere at the panels was superb – very relaxed and conversational. There was a real easy give and take during the sessions, and I found the conversations that sprang up between my fellow panelists and the audiences to be fascinating.

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