More Moorehawke fanart


Lorcan&WynterI just found this in a folder clean-up session. I’ve no idea where I got it or why it’s not on record who sent it to me, so please accept my sincere apologies for the uncredited art.  I have an idea it has something to do with online role playing or some similar thing?

Anyhoo, it’s a pretty lovely interpretation of Wynter and Lorcan Moorehawke. (if anyone knows the artist let me know and I’ll give them credit)

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4 Responses to More Moorehawke fanart

  1. Helena says:

    The image is from a dress up game called “the Tudors scene maker”

    • Thank you so much, Helena! Wyn & co seem to be have been set into the world of the TV series The Tudors? That’s quite fun actually, to see my characters in that setting 🙂

      Here is the full Lorcan and Wynter page ( there’s more to the image than in the one I had on my computer. And I’ve definitely seen it before -perhaps a fan sent it to me, or tumblrd it at one stage?? Anyhoo, I think this must be why I thought it had something to do with roleplaying!)

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