Palmerstown Community School Graphic Novel Project. The final round up.

When I first sat down with the students of Palmerstown community college and explained the process we were about to embark on, I told them that finishing was entirely up to them. I wasn’t there to crack a whip over them. I wasn’t there to check that they had ‘done their homework’. I was there to help, that was all, I was there to advise. If any student fell by the wayside, if they gave up, that was their problem, I sure wouldn’t be running after them to persuade them to soldier on…


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2 Responses to Palmerstown Community School Graphic Novel Project. The final round up.

  1. ioana says:

    buenos dias querias decirles que hagan tan bien las otras dos ediciones de la trilogia en español. a mi me encanto.

    • Hola Ioana! I think you may the person who e-mailed me this morning? If not, forgive me but I can’t read or speak Spanish! If you are the same person I’m going to paste the reply I e-mailed you. (please try and let me know if this doesn’t answer the question you’ve asked above!!)

      Hola Ioana,

      Muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de escribirme. Lo siento pero no hablo español, una compañera del trabajo muy amable está traduciendo esto para mi.

      Me alegra mucho que disfrutases de “El Trono Envenenado”. Me gustaría poder decirte que los otros libros serán publicados pronto, pero desgraciadamente la editorial española está en bancarrota y, como ellos poseen los derechos, no parece probable.

      Si tengo buenas noticias en un futuro, encontraré una manera de comunicártelo a ti y a mis otros fans de habla hispana.

      Mis mejores deseos,


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