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Shhh… don’t tell my daughter

Shhhhh… don’t tell my daughter, but this is a detail from her 19th birthday cake. I’m only showing a little detail because the entire cake is to be a surprise (not that she reads my blog anyway! But just in … Continue reading

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The Hollow Men – T.S Eliot

Today is the first time I’ve read T.S Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men in its entirety.It feels fresh and raw and somehow entirely appropriate in the light of recent events. I hope it resonates with you as much as it has … Continue reading

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*punches air in triumph*

I’m so horribly behind in answering my fan-mails. Seriously I should be shot. I can only apologize (again), and promise (again) that I’ll catch up soon. BUT I got two separate messages this morning that so filled me with glee and pride and triumph … Continue reading

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What Does Addiction Feel Like…?

My son found this on reddit. It is a reply to the question’what does addiction feel like?’. It’s so powerful I had to re-blog. For the original go here   “Ok. I’ll try. It’s a bit rambling because I should … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Silence…

I’m deeply absorbed in my animation portfolio at the moment and everything is getting neglected. ( I haven’t written a single word in weeks and am raddled with guilt. It’s the first time in decades that I’ve not been writing … Continue reading

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