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<3 <3 <3 Walker Books <3 <3 <3

Ok so I look like a beetroot faced farmer in from digging up her spuds – some things can’t be helped- but maaaaan I’m so damned happy! This is me holding a flat of the wonderful UK cover for Into the Grey. … Continue reading

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wolfman gif – super rough

Just messing around with a wacom tablet for the first time. Super rough and sketchy as I get used to this weird way of drawing things. Think I might go ahead and try and clean this up into proper drawings.

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Dear Author…

So don’t read your reviews. Sooner or later you will have one of those moments of lonely (possibly drunken) solipsism which led to you irretrievably embarrassing yourself on the internet.

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Ane Brun – Balloon Ranger

I could listen to this song all day

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Kickstart Some Practical Monsters…

A plea and pitch from those wonderful practical effects guys over at ADI. They’re trying to kick start a movie designed to use ONLY practical effects. Come on you fans of The Thing, Pumpkinhead, and the original Star Wars. Help … Continue reading

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Scribbling away on the WiP…

You see, what I object to, what I greatly object to, is the implication that my people’s story does not count – that it has been nothing but an aberration, a bump in the road, a mistake from which you … Continue reading

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Louis MacNeice – Prayer before Birth

I am not yet born; O hear me. Let not the bloodsucking bat or the rat or the stoat or the club-footed ghoul come near me. I am not yet born, console me. I fear that the human race may … Continue reading

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In honor of the sunshine…

Billy Stewart’s wonderful, scat-tastic, samba-ish version of Summertime. I DARE you not to shake your hips.

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A little distracted at the mo…

Hi guys, sorry about the silence recently- it’s going to continue for a while longer, I’m afraid. In the next couple of weeks, I very much need to get the current novel finished. After that I’ll be in house working … Continue reading

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