Ane Brun – Balloon Ranger

I could listen to this song all day

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3 Responses to Ane Brun – Balloon Ranger

  1. It reminds me of rain and sea and it mostly hear it as a soundscape, not really listening to the lyrics. Very calming, but slightly distancing, too. Hmm.

    • I absolutely love it. It’s from her Temporary Dive album, which I mostly also adore ( one song – a duet, just annoys me & I think Rubber and Soul is very self indulgent) Funnily enough the lyrics play a huge part in my love for this and all her songs ( I’m a bit of a lyrics whore, me) There’s a song on another of her albums ( Changing of the Seasons, I think) called The Puzzle, the lyrics of which blow me away.

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