Dear Author…


So don’t read your reviews. Sooner or later you will have one of those moments of lonely (possibly drunken) solipsism which led to you irretrievably embarrassing yourself on the internet.

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2 Responses to Dear Author…

  1. Possibly. But I guess that is doable even if it’s not in response to a review – just think of the most recent example (at least that I read myself) – that absolutely misogynist rant of Hewey’s from his blog which got mirrored on Goodreads (where I saw it because a GR friend made an actually fairly restrained comment pointing out he was being sexist in the worst way).

    I mean his sf dystopia trilogy wasn’t my cup of tea in the first place, but he’s now actively on my author-not-to-purchase list – there are so many other interesting authors with books out, and most of those are ladies for me anyway these days.

    It’s tougher when a trusted author goes mental on the net, admittedly, then I actually stand to lose my enjoyment in their books retroactively, heh. We readers are a shallow bunch, a lot of the time.

    • I don’t think it’s shallow to be offended by someone’s unpleasant behavior (or to allow oneself be put off by it!) Writers, actors, singers etc – we all depend on those who buy and talk about our work, the least we can do is be polite to or about our audience/potential audience.
      This post was actually in response to an author having a melt down on an acquaintance’s review page 🙂 I do occasionally feel the need to remind my peers (and myself) that the only way to truly avoid such incidents is to keep oneself out of temptation (this is hard to do, but even more so when many young authors are told that they can improve their writing by reading their reviews)

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