Free From the Cone of Shame

Maaaan, I knew I was far behind in answering my fan-mails, but I hadn’t a clue that I was quite as far behind as I was. I’ve just spent the last few hours catching up. Hopefully everyone has been replied to by now, and all your questions have been answered and those of you who didn’t mind my sharing have had your e’s posted on the website.

Let me just say, though, I’M SO SORRY (see the above gif) I’ll try not to leave folks hanging about so long in future. (there were a few folks whose e-mails looked very familiar but for whom I could find no evidence of having replied. I sent ye wee notes. Let me know.)

Right. I was going to say ‘back to the writing’ but feck that for a game of soldiers, I’m off out into the sunshine.


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