El Trono Envenenado

El trono envenenadoHi guys, I’ve always been delighted with the number of mails and messages I get from my Spanish language readers – both from Spain and from South America. I get a lot of queries re Spanish language sequels to El Trono Envenenado. Over the course of the last three months three separate Spanish speaking readers have contacted me offering to translate the remaining books. This so flattering. Seriously, I’m speechless that anyone would like my work so much that, out of the goodness of their heart, they’d offer to take on the monumental task of translating these huge books. All I can say is to please remember that the rights are not mine. No matter how moved I am by your kindness and love, no matter how much it means to me that you would want to do this in order to share something that has delighted you – I can’t accept your kindness on my own behalf. Only the people who own the Spanish language rights can do that. All I can do is say, again, how much it means to me that you would care so much to try .

SO many hugs and kisses to you,


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