Goodbye my very good friend.

Many years ago I wrote a childrens’ book called The Two Swans. It featured a character called Nolan an Ceoltóir (Nolan the Musician) He was based on a man I knew, loved and respected dearly, Alan Nolan. Yesterday I learned that Alan is no longer with us.

I can only express my great sympathy for Alan’s family, Deborah, Robert, and James, and most especially for his heartbroken parents Patsy and Tony, all of whom I love very much.

Alan, I have no words to express the sorrow I feel knowing I will never again spend time in your company. You have left many wonderful memories behind you, and many irretrievably broken hearts.

Here, for what they are worth, are two of the illustrations I made from The Two Swans, featuring Nolan, his best friend the bear Fergus, and the love of Nolan’s life, the beautiful Tatiana.

Nolan and Fergus Tatiana&Nolan

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2 Responses to Goodbye my very good friend.

  1. It’s sad when we lose ones that mean so much. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great friendship. Condolences to you and Nolan’s family. **hugs**

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