Ghosts: Sentient Echoes of the Hidden Past


So sorry to be late re-blogging this. I am over at Mellisa’s World as part of the Into the Grey tour, talking about ghosts and why I write ’em:

I chose to write about ghosts today as they feature in many of my books and short stories. I used to believe in them, very much so, and come from a family where ghosts and ghostly appearances were recounted with absolute sincerity (I still believe in the sincerity of those accounts today ) Since my father’s death I’ve become more ambivalent about my belief in an afterlife and so my actual belief in ghosts has declined. This doesn’t mean I’m not open to any and all possibilities though, and certainly as a literary device they still fascinate me. (and probably always will considering my plans to write a children’s novel in which a ghost plays a major role)


Ghosts: sentient echoes of the hidden past.

I have always been fascinated by the stories people keep from each other: the things we won’t tell and the histories we don’t discuss. I’m most especially fascinated by silences that are maintained (or enforced) out of the belief that forgetting is the best for everyone – as if ignorance of the past can ever help ensure a better future. These self -imposed silences exist everywhere. Mankind is always suppressing its own history– or reshaping it in the telling. On a domestic level, many people go about happy lives blissfully unaware of the family dramas that have preceded them, the memories of which have been purposefully and tacitly consigned to silent cupboards and ‘forgotten’ by those involved. READ MORE HERE

thanks to gracekiernanphotography for the ghostly photo

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2 Responses to Ghosts: Sentient Echoes of the Hidden Past

  1. Thank you GREATLY!!! for posting. I really enjoyed the post on ghosts. 🙂

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