Telling the Truth to Kids: Interview at The Book Wars

Into the Grey (UK)I’ve been interviewed over at The Book Wars as part of their Halloween season. Started off talking about ghosts… ended up mostly talking about writing the truth for kids:

I think possibly that’s the answer to why  even in this age of cynics and disbelievers—long may they thrive—some supernatural stuff continues to prompt a reaction. If a scene reaches down inside you and grabs you in the place where your real fears and insecurities hide, if it pokes your brain in the places you’d rather leave sleeping, then it’s going to invoke a reaction in you—regardless of whether or not you believe in ghosts. What those fears may be differs greatly from person to person, of course, and so you can’t write to the audience, you have to write to your own disconcertions, and hope they  also resonate with someone else, somewhere, somehow. READ MORE HERE

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2 Responses to Telling the Truth to Kids: Interview at The Book Wars

  1. Well done interview. And I like how you answered the last question.

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