Irish Times top 25 YA/kids books of past 25 Years

Woot! Robert Dunbar, much loved children’s book critic for the Irish Times has chosen his top kids/YA books of the last 25 years.  I am chuffed to be included on a list which names so many of my own writing heroes and favorite reads (inc Meg Rosoff, Patrick Ness, Melvin Burgess, Siobhan Parkinson, Roddy Doyle, Philp Reeves and David Almond)

The list is split in two. You can find part one here, and part two here

Into the Greytaken-away-front-cover-draftIntotheGrey

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4 Responses to Irish Times top 25 YA/kids books of past 25 Years

  1. Disney says:

    Congratulations! I finished reading Into the Grey today. It’s different to what I usually read and I really enjoyed it. It left me in a wondering state. Your writing style brings the characters to life.. although that sounds cliched, I really felt connected to Patrick and felt the same concern and panic towards Dom. You’re an inspiration… I hope you can keep writing more books like that 🙂

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