Television appearance, Tattoos, Teaching, and Internet Silence

writer monkeyLads! A very quick note to let you all know that I’m heading into internet silence for a wee while. I’ve been a lazy writer-monkey over the holidays, and if I’m to meet my very tight 2014 deadlines, I need to get my butt back in the chair, my fingers back on the keyboard and my head back in the game.

Two things before I go:

I’ll be on RTE TV’s Today Show next Friday evening (4.30ish), talking to Dáithí O Sé and Maura Derrane about what it’s like to write genre fiction, most especially what it’s like to have such amazing fans (we’ll be talking tattoos and miniature books etc. Of course, I have the tattoo designs I’ve done over the years for fans but if anyone has photos of the finished pieces and would like to share them with the audience, just get in touch, OK?)

Bookings are now open for the writing course I’ll be hosting in the Writer’s Centre on Sat 1st and 8th of February. This will be an intensive two day course, and is for writers looking to complete or polish a fantasy novel (horror/magic realism/high fantasy/paranormal romance: all types of fantasy are welcome). The course itself will focus on the attendees, and will be tailored to suit them. Time is limited and exercises will be general to the group, but designed to tackle specific problems or stumbling blocks each attendee may be facing in their own project.

OK. That’s it for now folks. I won’t be around so much until February but you can be sure I’ll pop into twitter and FB every now and again if there’s any news.

Happy new year to you all, see you soon,


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