And so, once again, I’m done…

Quartered2014After two years four months of hard graft, I’ve finished my latest novel. It’s printed out. It’s been sent to my agent. I’ve done all I can on it for now.

This was a tough one. Possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. I can only trust I’ve done the story justice and hope it’s received well. There are little bits of this one dotted about online, if you fancy a taste of it. I guess the biggest section is this one I put up on goodreads. I posted this to celebrate having converted the first 30k to 1st person ( after I realized the voice wasn’t working for me and went back to the start)

I learned something very important while working on this one. I learned I need to switch off the internet if I’m to get anything done these days. Not just switch it off, but actually send it away (I ended up asked my husband to bring the router to work with him) I just didn’t have the self-control not to keep going online. I’d kid myself I was only ‘checking for mail’ or ‘hopping onto facebook’ or ‘researching that word’ but whole hours of my time were being sucked down the drain by the damned thing. Once I removed myself from temptation, I found it much easier to maintain a train of thought and to stick with a chapter til the very end. Also, and perhaps even more importantly, my breaks from writing became actual breaks from my desk. I got up. I moved around. I went out into my garden. I was, in fact, a lot healthier for my lack of internet access.

I’m taking a week off now, and then I’m heading down the rabbit hole into the next book. I’m looking forward to this one. It’s not exactly light (I don’t think I’m capable of light!) but it promises to be a fun, magical, adventurous type of project. I need that after all the death and introspection of my last few novels. By its very nature it will be a shorter project, maybe only six months or so of writing involved. That’s the plan anyway! lets see how it works out for me, shall we?

So that’s it. Time for me to kick back for a few days.

Don’t forget, anyone who wants help or guidance finishing, polishing or just plan wrestling with their fantasy novel, I’m giving a two day writing course in the Irish Writer’s Centre on  Saturday 1st Feb and Sat 8th. Details are here

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4 Responses to And so, once again, I’m done…

  1. Glad to see you climbed out of the hole for a bit of rest. And good luck going back down. 😉

    Congrats on finishing a new one. 🙂 Now you can play on the internet all you want, for a week that is. 😉

  2. Oooh. This is exciting! I can’t wait for your agent to adore it and send it out to publishers, for several publishers to fall madly in love with it, for a fierce book auction to occur, and finally a sale, for the edits to be completed, for the printing to happen, and then – and then at last – your latest book to surface, as complex and gorgeous as ever, in a bookstore near me.

    And I hear you about the internet. I have done a similar thing myself because ‘just five minutes’ online always blows out…. Always.

    Enjoy the break, and the writing of your next work.

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