Flat Stanley’s Celine Kiernan Diary

7th February: Mr Flat Stanley arrives in Ireland (sent all the way from Arizona by Cooper who wanted him to tell her what it was like to live in Ireland)

Flat Stanley

He was feeling a little under the weather so Celine wrote to Cooper for him:

Dear Cooper,
As you can see, Mr Flat Stanley has safely made his way across the Atlantic ocean and is now heating his feet on my laptop as he looks around my kitchen. Tomorrow his Irish adventures will begin as I will bring him into Dublin with me. There may be tea and cake involved. I will take photos.
He has asked me to say hi, and that he misses Az because he is terrifically cold. I shall be sure and make him wear a hat tomorrow.
big hugs

Later Stanley wrote to Cooper to let her know that he was OK


Dear Cooper
Flat Stanley here! I feel very much better now that I’ve changed my clothes and brushed my hair (whew! That flight took it out of me, let me tell you! I couldn’t feel the nose on my face when I first arrived!)
Here I am with Celine’s dog, Indy. You can’t see it in this picture but we’re sitting beside a roaring fire while Celine makes me a coat for tomorrow’s trip to Dublin (don’t worry – she’s going to send all these messages and photos home in the envelope with me.)
I have no idea what it says on my tee-shirt! Celine says you should ask your class on Monday. If any of them can guess (or find out) she’ll draw them anything they like and send it home with me!
hugs from Ireland
your friend
Flat Stanley!
PS: Cooper. Celine is dyslexic and can’t spell. My T-shirt should say ‘Stanley is ainm dom’ Celine says if you want to know anything about being dyslexic just ask xoxo

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2 Responses to Flat Stanley’s Celine Kiernan Diary

  1. Oh this is so cool! Great to see the sights with Stanley. 🙂

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