Another great cover for Into the Grey

ITG_USA Have I blogged yet about how much I love the Candlewick (US/Canadian edition) of Into the Grey? You all know what a hound I am for good cover art and this just does me in entirely. I love love love it. It totally gets the kind of internal, psychological feel to the book’s creepiness. YES!

Am just bloody stoked at the covers I’m getting for this baby, and how each design (and blurb!) seems to uncover a different facet of the multilayered story.

(yes the image here is from the upcoming audiobook, but the covers are the same – on that note, how thrilled am I to be working with Brilliance Audio again? After their stellar work on Moorehawke I’m dying to see what they do with this one )

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5 Responses to Another great cover for Into the Grey

  1. Melissa (My words and pages) says:

    Oh good to hear it’ll be in audio and US. 😀 And wow. That is stunning. Congrats on the new cover. 🙂

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