Another lovely review for Into the Grey

Into the GreyTo go with last week’s USA School Library Journal review, Walker have sent me a scan of this lovely UK School Librarian magazine review of Into the Grey:

Kiernan, Celine.
Into the Grey
Walker. 2013. £6.99. 978 1 40634 732 6

Set in Ireland during the 1970s, this haunting supernatural thriller is well written and hard to put down. Patrick knows nothing about loss, even though he thinks everything is lost after his Nan burns their house down. It is not until he moves with his twin brother, younger sister and parents to their seaside holiday rental home that he learns what loss really is when he loses his twin to a ghost from the past. The plot is complex, and at times bewildering as Patrick seems to be the only person who understands what is happening to his brother, apart from his sister, and she is too young to offer him any real support.

The settings move between 1970s Ireland and the trenchs of the First World War, the time when Patrick’s Nan was young. All of the characters are well described and have a credible part to play in the story. Dreams are used to move the plot along and to enable Patrick find answers ‘in the grey’. i found this book original, refreshing. challenging and enjoyable and hope that it will be widely read by students and librarians: Judith Palka.

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