Resonance : Chapter One.

Bat dinkusSo we’re nearing the end of copy-edits on Resonance! It’s been over four years since I finished the first draft of this novel, believe it or not. I still love it dearly. As my beloved editor and I march valiantly towards the finish-line, I thought we’d celebrate hitting the final stretch by sharing the first chapter with you.

You can read it here on the blog , or you can download it as a pdf. I hope you enjoy it.

(Many thanks to all of you who voted for which dinkus I should use in this online edition. As you will see, the spider won out over the carriage by the slimmest of margins.)

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3 Responses to Resonance : Chapter One.

  1. Melissa (My words and pages) says:

    Really sounds so good! 🙂 Congrats on a new release coming out way. Thank you for sharing the chapter with us.

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