Lovely Into the Grey review from Carousel Magazine

Into the Grey Another lovely review of Into the Grey, this time from Carousel: The Guide to Children’s Books. Many thanks to my eds at Walker UK for forwarding this to me:

Into the Grey

Walker(eB) £6.99 ISBN 978-1406347326

After Nan accidentally burns down their house in Dublin, Pat and Dom’s family retreat to their normal holiday spot in Skerries. Perhaps because they have lost everything in the fire, the twins make an unwelcome connection with the mysterious and deadly goblin-boy. Pat must race to understand what the goblin-boy wants before his presence kills his twin bother, Dom. Set in 1974, this haunting ghost story shows how sadness can continue to affect later generations. The story leads back to a simple, but effective, portrayal of the First World War, as well as the limbo world of spirits, the Grey. Celine Kiernan has something profound to say about how our relationships are as much as part of who we are as are our actions and our memories. This exciting and chilling yarn shows the power of sibling relationships to both be destructive in their need and profoundly nurturing in their generosity.

(Benjamin Scott)

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